Wadi Hanifa Real Estate Development Company “WaHa” is one of the many successful enterprises in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Its achievement and its track record in real estate development is diversified from residential compounds to mixed-use and commercial projects.

Wadi Hanifa development team has executed large scale real estate development projects owned completely or partially by AB Group. Currently the company is working on the development of 3 large-scale residential compounds in the city of Riyadh with total number of approx. 1,800 units, targeting upper-middle to high income western expatriates.


Wadi Hanifa works directly with organizations and companies to develop real estate projects. The primary role of WaHa is to manage the entire real estate development process, from initial concept to the start of operations for the finished project.

While other members of the real estate development team perform specific tasks at different stages during the course of development, WaHa oversees the entire process and is engaged throughout all stages.